Mar 30, 2011

Prayer Requests

Just wanted to mention a couple of prayer requests for our kids.  Elijah has got strep throat, pray that he gets over it quick and that it doesn't spread through the family.

Also Eryn is having some dental work done on Friday.  It will be done at a hospital in Little Rock, AR.  The plan is to sedate her and get all the work done at once that she needs.  We have been waiting for insurance to approve this for a few months now.  Please pray that Eryn doesn't get strep because she couldn't have the dental work done that she needs before we leave.

This past month has flown by in a blur and we find ourselves with only a few weeks left until we fly out.  Please keep on praying for us.  Thanks so much.

Mar 22, 2011

House update

We have got the house lease signed and the first payments made!  We are excited as we only have a matter of weeks left before we fly out at the end of April.  Please continue praying for us about the container costs.  We have had some money that has been promised or already in hand but we still are needing a little more.  Right now between what has come in and what is promised we have about $2,200!  The good thing about shipping the container is we will only need about $4,000 up front and the rest once it is delivered.

I have emailed the shipping company to make sure that the prices haven't gone up.  They told me when they quoted them in Feb. that the prices would change but they didn't say which way.

I am trying to get our DVD presentation on this site but have been having some problems.  Some are technical and I've been sick lately.  As soon as I get that uploaded I'll be sure to let you know.

Thank you for your prayers for us.  Please keep them up because we greatly need them.  Lord bless you...

Mar 2, 2011


Praise God we just bought our tickets!  We will be departing from Boston on April 26th!  We are excited but still have much to do.  Please keep on praying for us, we definitely need them and appreciate them so much.  Lord bless ya'll...

Mar 1, 2011

Our House

The Lord has worked it out for us to get a house in Sisimiut!  It is a cozy little 800 sq ft house right next to one of the local grocerie stores.  I will be signing the lease next week and making the first months rent and deposit.

We still have to get a container of goods shipped over there.  Please keep praying for this.  I am wanting to ship the container at the end of March.  Thank you so much for everyone's prayers.  Please keep on praying for us!