Jun 21, 2011

The Container!

Our container was delivered yesterday!  We are so excited.  Now begins the unpacking and resettling in!  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us aobut this.  God was worked wonderously in allowing us to get this!

Jun 9, 2011

Container Money!

Praise the Lord, He has provided all of our container money!  God has moved in ways that we felt were impossible and we are so grateful!  Our container is listed to be here on June 18th.  All of the money finally came in yesterday.  To say that we are excited and praising God is an understatement!  To God be the glory, He has done things that we never could!

Jun 1, 2011

Our Container...

Our Container will be in Iceland tomorrow.  From there the company said it should be here by June 15th!  We are excited about having our belongings for several reasons.

1 - Comfort of familiar things and not having to sit around on the floor!

2 - We will be able to have folks over for coffee, tea, or even supper!  We have een able to meet several folks in town that said they would love to come by once we get our things.  This will give us great opportunities not only to practice our langauage skills but also to witness to them of Jesus Christ and His saving power!

Please continue to pray that all goes well with the transport of the container.  Also please continue to pray for the funds.  We still need about $1,500 to be able to pay the costs in full when the container arrives.  Thank you for your faithfullness in prayer for us!