Jul 12, 2011

Thank you for praying for us concerning our taxes.  After speaking with the folks at the tax office again they reworked our taxes.  Now our taxes will be back down to the "normal" range of about $600 a month.  They told me to just ignore the $2,200 tax bill and pay the one that comes in August.

Please continue to pray for us concerning support, it is still not coming in like it was committed to.  And keep us in prayer about the languages here.  We are studying both Danish and Greenlandic but right now we are focusing on Danish.

We have certainly been enjoying summer here in the Arctic.  We have seen temps around 40 - 50 degrees and we love it!  We are from Arkansas and they have been around 100 for a while already.  While we do still have times of home sickness, the heat and humidity of Arkansas is not something that we miss at all!

Jul 3, 2011

Container being unloaded!

We have gotten the container unloaded, unpacked, and settled in.  We had gotten so used to our empty house and sitting on the floor that our routine has changed again.  Now we have beds, a table to eat at, furnitre to sit on.  It's great!

Our unpacked living room

Please continue to pray for us.  It seems like since our belongings have come the devil has really started to fight us.  We are dealing with a few issues right now that need prayer.

One is our taxes.  A few days ago we got in our first tax bill.  It was for $2,200!  I was shocked.  I checked with our local Tax Department and they said that everything is correct.  I will be calling down to the main tax office in Nuuk this week, trying to get it straightened out.  Please pray that this is a mistake that can be quickly fixed.  The taxes aren't due for a few weeks but it would sure lift a burden off of us!

Another prayer request is for our support.  It hasn't been coming in like it should and we don't know why.

Thank you for your prayers for us and for keeping up with our life as we are Freezin' For A Reason!