Dec 23, 2011

Birthdays & Christmas

Today is Maryanna's 6th birthday!  She is such a sweet girl and she loves to play mommy with her dollies.

According to the doctors, she was born about 4 weeks early, but she has been a healthy, happy child.
And we are very thankful for that!

As she has grown, we have seen that she has such a girly & tender side.  She loves pink, poofy dresses, dollies, flowers, and animals (except bugs!).

She has done well in adapting to life here in Greenland.  She has made friends and loves to play with them.

Also we want to wish everyone that reads this a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!  I pray that your service for the Lord will be even more faithful & fruitful than it was in 2011!  God bless ya'll!

Dec 5, 2011

Our first visitor

I had met the man two weeks ago, spoke with him a while, and he had promised to come to our services on December 4th.  I was nervous for those two weeks and wondering if he would come or not, wondering if he would understand us, wondering if he would think we are just crazy!

He showed up right on time at 11, we had prayer time, sang a few songs, and had the preaching time.  I have been preaching through the book of John and had just began chapter 7.  I was able to preach on "Having a Real Relationship with God."  He would nod his head occasionally and was teary eyed.

After services we invited him to stay for our Sunday lunch and he really enjoyed it (Masey is an excellent cook, a ministry and area of service that most women seem to neglect).  While Masey was finishing lunch preparations, he invited us over to his house for tea and cookies after the meal.  We had a great time of fellowship at his house talking, watching Animal Planet, and playing on his flight simulator.

We would love to move into a building because our living room & dining room just doesn't have much room for visitors.  Please pray for us about this.  I am looking into several places.  Also pray for us about the languages.  Our visitor spoke English well but there are so many more that could be reached if we were able to hold services in Danish or Greenland.

It was a blessing having a visitor and seeing him participate in the services.  He didn't know the songs we sang but tried to sing along.  We are happy to have made a new friend and we pray that he will return to our services again.  I told him he was welcome anytime that he wished to come.