May 8, 2012

The Ilulissat Trip

Last week we got back from our trip to Ilulissat.  We had a great time there!  They have a glacier outside town with keeps their coastline surrounded by icebergs.  Not only did we enjoy the town but we had a great time with the Shull family, the other Baptist missionaries here in Greenland.

Eli loves the snow!
The boardwalk on the way to the glacier
Maryanna playing with her new friend

The kids had such a great time!
Eryn, Mattie, & me

Apparently 7 kids = 1 Marty

Eryn made a new friend at a kaffemik

The Arnold family & the Shull family

Your Arctic ambassadors, the Arnold family!
Our main reason for going to Ilulissat wasn't to see the town, though it was great.  It wasn't to fellowship with another Christian family, though it was much needed!  Our main reason was to see about working with the Shull family.  We have been in Sisimiut for a year now but we really believe that it would be the Lord's will for us to move up to Ilulissat and work with the Shull family!  While we have made friends and contacts here, our Danish & Greenlandic still are not at the level to be able to witness to them.  By moving we have several goals in mind, one of which would be furthering our language skills.

We are praying about moving up there at the beginning of September.  Please keep us in prayer as we still have much to do in preparation for the move.  We are sad to leave behind friends here, but we are excited to see how things will be in Ilulissat.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.