Jun 27, 2012

Catching up

Things have been quite on the blog but that doesn't mean things haven't been happening here.  We have been plenty busy with just the everyday things of living here in Greenland.  The kids have been dealing with some sickness.  It looks like it is just some congestion, though we think Eryn may have had strep.  For those that get our prayer letters you'll know that I hurt my foot recently.  I can say that it is healing up nicely.  Though it wasn't broken, it sure was bruised and sore.  I was able to go on a three and a half hour hike yesterday and didn't have any trouble with my foot.  Also, pray for me because I will be needing some dental work done soon.  Going to dentists in America were a nervous ordeal for me, but going to one here makes me feel even worse. ^_^

We still have not heard "Yes" or "No" from Danish Immigration concerning our move to Ilulissat.  Please continue to pray for us about this.  Things are still continuing on with our studies.  I finished my Greenlandic classes at the end of April and gained some more knowledge of the language.  I have shifted focus for now to Danish, praying that I can gain more fluency with that language.  I have learned some more phrases in Danish and I'm working on getting better with my pronunciation.

I am preparing something of a "Religious Survey" to pass out to some of the people we know here.  I can do all the reading about the Lutheran church or the superstitions of the peoples here, but I believe to best way to understand the beliefs would be to ask them.  It is just a few very simple questions that I am translating into Danish.  I hope to see some good results to where I can better know what the people believe or don't believe.  I have noticed that when I talk with the English speaking ones they can converse with me until I get to Bible topics.  I lose them when I talk of things like sin, salvation, the Gospel, heaven and hell.  I know a few of these terms in Danish and yet they don't understand those either.  It seems like any work done here will take a long time in what we might call the simple, foundational truths of the Bible.

Please continue to pray for us.  We deal with many spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical strains, but we know that it is God that sustains us.