Dec 8, 2012

It's gettin' dark out

Christmas tree lighting @ about 3 PM
While video Skyping with our sending church, Victory Baptist Church, last week I mentioned to them about posting a video of our 25-30 minute walk to church.  Well I recorded the video, but it didn't turn out as well as I hoped.  It's too dark (24 hour darkness now) and too shaky.  I did some editing on it, but I am still not pleased with house it looks.  SO, instead of posting a junky, dark, earthquaking video I will be waiting until we can get a sledge to use, strap our camera to that, and make a nice smooth, although probably still dark video.

Why do this?  We would like for others to see how we commute over here.  We don't have a car and rarely take a taxi (they're expensive, and honestly some drivers are just plain scary).  If we want to go somewhere, we hoof it on foot.  It can get very tiring, but that's how it is here.  Most people in Greenland don't own a car, so we are in the majority in that area.

We're looking for the place (or places) to go and order us our very own sledge.  Looks like prices range between $300-400 depending on which size we choose.  Our desire is to have one big enough to carry groceries home one and to transport the kids if/when they get too tired to walk.  We do NOT plan on getting any dogs though, so it will have to be the right size to carry those things, while still allowing me to push it.  Please pray for this.

The moon around 10 AM last week - we've gotten darker since then.
In completely other news, Masey and the kids got their approval papers in the mail the other day! YAY!  We're happy about that because that allows us to live and minister here until Sept 2013 (don't worry though, we'll refile for another extension before then).  Those that receive our prayer letters could tell that we were concerned with their approval.  I had heard several different answers from Immigration about their paperwork, but none of them decisive or in writing.  Mainly I heard a lot of "Keep waiting" or "We don't really know what is taking so long" etc.  So we thank you for praying for that and we thank God for answering how He did.

Keep checking on this blog, I'm hoping to do a series of posts soon about missions/missionaries.