Mar 4, 2013

Walking to church video - Bad Quality

I decided to go ahead and post the video of our walk to church that I filmed around December 2012. Yes, it's shaky, too dark, and looks like I had coffee jitters while filming, but maybe you can get an idea of our walk to church.

It is lighter now, we have a sledge to stabilize the camera, but it's been SO cold that I didn't know if the camera battery will last for the entire walk.

So here is the video, sped up to 16X, with a little music that Masey suggested would make it more fun. I hope you don't get motion sick too easy. (^_^)

Mar 1, 2013

Greenland Videos

I have put a few videos on my Google+ account of Greenland.  A few of you may have received notifications when I put them on there, but I'm sure everyone didn't.  I thought I would repost them here and add an extra one.

I'm calling the videos "10 Seconds in Greenland." I kept the videos short for a few reasons, mainly because  of our limited internet I wanted to keep them short. Another reason for the name is because they (should be) 10 seconds long, either because I sped up the video or only shot a short sequence. Sometimes they'll upload to be 11 seconds, so enjoy the bonus second for free. (^_^)

This one is of a snowstorm we got a few weeks ago:

This one is of a wonderful moonrise I was watching. I had noticed that the moon seemed to be rising very rapidly while I sat and watched it, and I thought it would look even better to record a few minutes and speed it up. I think this video was originally 5 minutes long.

This video one is of Ilulissat's bay. At least that's how it looked a few weeks ago. Now it's all frozen over.

I haven't forgotten about uploading a video of our walk to church. I'm still working out a way to strap our camera to the sledge to keep it warm and get a more stable recording. When I get it, I'll be sure to post it on here too.

Thanks for taking time to watch these videos of common, everyday things here in Greenland.