Apr 30, 2013

Praying about a Building

Point A is where we used to live, Point B is the location of the building we are praying about.
We have been praying for a while about a building to use once we move back to Sisimiut. We prayed much about it before we left, and we have continued to pray since we have been in Ilulissat. The picture above is the location of one that we would love to use. It is a building that would be suitable not just for a church, but also for our family to live in a separate part.

The building is owned by INI (a Greenlandic company that handles the government housing). When we first moved to Greenland in 2011 it was being used as the temporary police department.  Since shortly after we arrived there the police moved back to their old building, and it has been sitting empty.  I have been taken through the building and believe that it would be excellent for our purposes.

Here it is. It's not a very good picture, but the ones on the realtor's site is a lot nicer.

The building is for sale with a realtor in Sisimiut, but when I spoke with INI they told me there was an option to rent it. I'm not sure if that is still available, but we are praying that it is. The rent would include the house, electricity, water, and fuel oil and would total around $4,000 a month (depending on the exchange rate). The price may seem large, but I believe it is cheaper than trying to maintain separate home and church buildings.

Click here for the link to the realtor that is currently handling the building for INI.  There you can see more photos of it.

Please pray with us concerning this. I will update if we come across any other viable options. Also please continue to pray for us about learning Danish and Greenlandic. Thank you!


  1. Praying Gods will on yhe building :)

  2. Thanks Mena, we really appreciate the prayers. (^_^)


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