Who we are

Left to right: TOP - Eryn, Masey, Marty
BOTTOM - Maryanna, Elijah

We are independent Baptist missionaries sent out from our home church Victory Baptist Church of Benton, AR.  If you would like to contact us you may at:

USA address:

Victory Baptist Church
5364 Hwy 67
Benton, AR 72015

Field address:

Marty Arnold
Postboks 1115
3952 ILULISSAT Greenland
+299 23 35 36

Or you can email me: brotherarnold (at) gmail (dot) com

We are also on Facebook, Google+, and Skype.


  1. I'm so thankful for the internet/Facebook that enables me to keep up with some missionaries I know and love--the Arnolds. Masey is so good about posting photos on Facebook, and I praise God for her creativity and diligence. She makes your home beautiful and fun. I am praying for all of you.
    Mrs. Carolyn

  2. I second that...i must confess I'm very sorry to have have posted yet...or any contact for that matter other than when praying for you and bringing your family before the throne...we do appreciate the sacrifice your family has made for the Lord and reaching Greenland for the cause of Christ...I can only imagine how lonesome it can get...so therefore I'm indeed sorry for me and my family not reaching out to remind you of our thoughts and prayers...My how the children have grown and bravo Masey for your talent in making your house so far away a home for your family...We are praying for you and the decision you have coming up...God has it all worked out and we will be praying for peace and ease in the next couple weeks God Bless you our friends!!! Will check the site now that Amanda gave us this one and the other blog spots...Keep on Keepin on for the Lord...for great will be your reward!!! Both here on earth and in heaven!!! Love in the Lord The Kindy's!!!!!!! ;0)

  3. Thank you for the kind words and prayers! Like I said in the other post though, it's not for us only. There are LOTS of missionaries that need correspondence and encouragement. Folks estimate independent Baptist missions to number over 4,000. That's plenty of missionaries to go around for everybody to encourage, help, and pray for. We love and miss Victory Baptist Church! Keep on the right path, serving our Saviour and standing for God's Word!!


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