Aug 9, 2011

Catching up

I want to apologize for my posting being infrequent.  I have tried several times to load pictures to the blog but for some reason I cannot get them to load.  We are doing good right now.  Masey is recovering from an infection, which means we got to experience a Greenland hospital for the first time!

Masey enjoying Greenland!

After 6 trips to the hospital we were finally able to get Masey seen and get her some meds.  They never did tell us exactly what she had but we suspect that it was an intense kidney infection.

Eryn, Elijah, & Maryanna

The children continue to grow fast as ever.  Elijah will be turning 7 real soon and he recently lost another tooth, which means he has 5 missing altogether.  Maryanna is progressing in her reading and she is looking forward to school.  She was quite upset when she finished up a couple weeks ago (they were delayed finishing because the school books were in the container).  Eryn is learning to write her name and is enjoying learining.

Lake and mountain

Night time has started here and I'm enjoying it.  It still stays light late into the evening but the sun does set now.  We are seeing a few stars at night and look forward to seeing the Northern Lights soon.

Kayak racers starting

We recently got to see kayak races. Kayakers came form all around Greenland to compete.  It was impressive watching them race.  They have more skill and endurance than I do!

Kayak race

Please continue ot pray for us concerning our support.  It continues to come in less that what has been committed.  Thank you for all the prayers that have been said regarding our family.