Feb 19, 2013

A place colder than Greenland

Nope, that's not in our neighborhood

I came across this article about a frozen village in Russia called Oymyakon.  It said their average temp in January is -50 Celsius (almost -60 F) but lately it's been down to -71 Celsius (about -95F)!  Whooee, that's a cold place!

 It gets cold here in Greenland, but I've never seen or heard of temps that cold!  Now I have a place to think of when I'm doing the 25 minute walk to get groceries and say "At least it's not as cold as the Oymyakon area!" (^_^)

Click HERE for the article with lots of nice pictures.  I think the people there resemble Greenlanders.

On a side note, it would be great to hear of missionaries in this place, but I do not know of any.  Pray for the Oymyakon area and if you happen to know of missionaries there, let me know.  Thanks!