Sep 6, 2011


Outside our front door!

Here in Greenland we do not have a Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or a Target.  But we do have places to do some shopping.  For guys, this is not a very big deal.  But for girls, this is essential. :)


Tikilluarit = Welcome!

Our town has two big grocery stores, Brugsen & Pisiffik, along with some smaller convenience stores, Brugseneeraq (2 of them) and Spar (3 of them).  We live right next door to the large Brugsen in our town.  Which Masey thinks is "AWESOME!" and it will be a big help in the winter.  Having two big groceries stores helps us keep our costs down becuase we can get the best deals from both.

Looking down form the 2nd story

We have a good selection of meats here, but not much when it comes to fresh fruits or veggies.  They are mainly canned or frozen.  We can get some things like apples and oranges, but sometimes they are rotten.  :(

Toy Dept!

Brugsen's small toy department - our kids love to looke here!

Escalator ride!!

Our kids like Brugsen's becuase of the closeness to our house and they have an escalator in the store!

Seal skins - Wal-Mart never had these!

We have have some other stores like Stark (building supplies), Jysk (home decor and furniture), Torrak Fashions (clothing store), and a few kiosks and other smaller stores.

60 kroner = about $12! And they were on sale!

You can browse the stores ad papers on their websites:
To see the cost difference in things just divide the price by 5 and that roughly equals its price in US dollars.